Please make sure you have addressed all the items in this checklist.  Also note that some of these items should be addressed before or during the creation of your electronic file, whereas others should be done just prior to submitting your file.

By following this “preflight” checklist, you are ensuring that you get your job printed on-time.


  • Artwork page size is correct and includes 3mm bleed on all edges.
  • All important elements (wording, imagery etc) are at least 5mm from the page edge for flat documents and 10mm margin for booklets.


  • Full colour orders – All colours are converted to CMYK.
  • Pantone colour orders – Artwork is created and supplied with correct pantone reference(s) with correct tints.
  • No RGB Colours should be present in the artwork document.


  • Photos are provided at 350 pixels per inch at 100% (i.e. actual size they will be used).
  • All images are saved as an EPS or TIFF and are flattened correctly.
  • All linked/placed TIFF, JPG or EPS files are supplied.


  • A final spell check was done and there are no misspelled words.
  • All contact details and numbers are correct.


  • All screen AND printer fonts are supplied or text is fully converted to paths/curves.
  • All text is created in a vector layout application (e.g. Illustrator, Indesign) 
  • It is important that when text needs to appear black, that this is set to 100% black ONLY and set to OVERPRINT when required.
    ( No need for CMY inks when text needs to be black )


  • Acrobat PDF ( set as Print quality, with CMYK ) ( Our Preferred file-format)
  • Photoshop (Saved as a .psd, saved with layers and editable text) also Saved as a .pdf
  • Microsoft Word (Saved as a .pdf) together with the .doc file itself as backup.
  • Microsoft Excel (Saved as a .pdf) together with the .xls file itself as backup.
  • Microsoft Publisher (Saved as a .pdf) together with the .pub file itself as backup.


  • Should this job be a reprint or it needs an exact colour match it would be best to send us an actual sample of what has been printed before. This can also be a sample of another job printed with similar colours, in order to match the same.
  • Returning customers can rest assured that we keep records of previously printed jobs and that colours will be matched accordingly.


  • Email us your artwork directly if it is smaller than 10 Mb.
  • is a good website which can be used to transfer big files and does not require signing up or installing software.